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Dos Rios Strategic Plan

Shared Learning, Shared Responsibility, Shared Success

The Dos Rios staff, parents, and community are committed to empowering and encouraging students to become successful life-long learners and leaders in an ever-changing world. We will work together to create challenging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences that emphasize intellectual rigor and high academic standards. Personal integrity and democratic values will be fostered in our students to prepare them to become balanced, responsible, reflective and globally-conscious citizens. 

Major Improvement Strategy #1, Quality First Instruction

Quality First Instruction

Best First Instruction Aligned to Colorado Academic Standards and International Baccalaureate Standards and Practices, with a focus on expressive academic language. 

Description: Our teachers will use quality first-instruction practices to support mathematics and literacy, use a data-informed approach centered around International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and AVID practices, and implement high-leverage practices with scaffolds and differentiation to support academic discourse and writing. Professional development aligned with our literacy and math curricula as well as standards, assessment, and instructional alignment, facilitated planning, and IDTs, informed by an inquiry-based, constructivist pedagogy will be provided to teachers.

  • Academic Discourse: 100% of students will engage in Higher Order Thinking skills that support academic discourse at least 60% of the time, measured by classroom observations.

  • AVID Strategies: 100% of instructional staff in grades 2-5 will implement a consistent set of evidence-based instructional practices and strategies that support expressive academic language and college and career readiness.

  • Grade-Level Expectations: 100% of students will receive grade-level core instruction in literacy and math with appropriate scaffolds in the most inclusive environment. 

  • Observation Feedback: 100% of instructional staff will receive personalized instructional support from building coaches and administration through coaching cycles and observation/feedback loops. 

Major Improvement Strategy #2, Climate and Culture

Climate and Culture

All students and staff will experience a strong sense of belonging and empowerment, continually refining and sustaining a positive climate and culture within the school community that develops agentic students and adults. 

Description: We will refine best practices that support courageous conversations, which promote measurable school improvement within the areas of culture and academic growth and performance in a safe and trusting environment. We will continue to leverage family and community partnerships and maintain high expectations for all students and adults.

  • Student Culture: 80% of students will respond favorably on the Panorama Student Survey related to teacher understanding and Social Emotional Learning; Attendance rates will be at 95% or above; and 100% of staff will receive professional development that supports behavior solutions focused on consistency, collaboration, and communication.

  • Staff Culture: 90% of instructional staff will respond favorably on the Panorama Staff Survey on specific sections of the Panorama Staff Survey related to support by school leadership; Professional 

  • Family Partnership: 80% of families (with a minimum of 25% responding) will respond favorably on sections of the Panorama Parent Survey related to engagement and partnership.